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A Wealth Transfer Plan Reflective of Your Values
Christina and Jonathan want to transfer their assets and family business to their children and pass on the values and principles that have guided them throughout the years.

ConnectView Applied:

At First Western Trust, we helped Christina and Jonathan build a legacy that connects their financial assets to the values and ideals that have shaped their success and character. In particular, their First Western team assisted them in:

• Developing a mission statement and hosting yearly family meetings
• Providing personal finance training for children
• Reviewing investment management allocations
• Understanding risk management and its role in the plan
• Reviewing family-limited partnerships
• Structuring multi-generational trusts
• Creating philanthropic trusts
• Determining how to integrate family philanthropy initiatives (family foundation, donor- advised funds)

Sharing your wealth with children and loved ones is important; reinforcing the principles that helped you acquire and strengthen your wealth is invaluable. Through the ConnectView process, we helped Christina and Jonathan actualize their vision and build a legacy reflective of their values. For more information on how First Western can assist you in creating or enhancing your wealth transfer plan please contact us.