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Photo of Wealth Advisor Pete Alford

Working With Local Financial Team Connects All of Your Financial Dots

November 30, 2018

As a Senior Wealth Advisor, I love that I get to work with my clients in providing customized banking, planning, retirement, and investment solutions to meet their financial needs. Too often, I find that clients work with one bank for their lending needs, and another firm for their retirement needs, and then another company for their investment needs. At the end of the day, how can anyone expect working with a number of different financial companies to provide holistic planning or even know how one financial decision may impact another?

At First Western, I work with my clients and offer them the best of an entrepreneurial and solution oriented team – right at our DTC office. We all work together to find solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs. Our local team can act quickly to provide advice driven services that deliver on our core expertise and value. We believe that financial decisions are about more than financials. Every investment, real estate holding, trust, or philanthropic endeavor connects. We look at these four dimensions of our clients’ wealth and put their story at the center by connecting them to the best team of financial advisors they’ll ever work with.

Choosing a local financial team also allows clients to act quickly to pressing trends. For example, considering the rising interest rates, it’s important to consider how this may impact investment portfolios, tax planning, and budgeting into the new year. A local financial team can bring all of these subject matter experts to one table and craft customized solutions for their clients. They can also respond more quickly to clients’ needs with a perspective that’s better aligned to meet what’s happening in the community, rather than providing advice that’s centered on an East Coast perspective, for example.

Your financial wealth is as unique as you are. Be discerning in selecting a local financial team that can help you connect all of your financial dots into one holistic picture.

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