Helping our communities paint their brightest futures.

10 years ago, we started with a dream to make a difference.

Strong. Vibrant. Engaging.

Dynamic communities share these attributes.

For of all us at First Western, it’s a source of pride that our collective efforts help bring our communities to life.

In the last ten years, we’ve been fortunate to contribute $18.8 million in affordable housing and community development investments, donations, and sponsorships to organizations and projects making a lasting difference in countless lives.

Every community is a canvas.

A canvas to be filled in with brush strokes by people who care—people who see the infinite possibilities where beauty can take hold and grow.

We believe that compassion is the real currency that inspires, that makes a difference. This thinking has proven to be invaluable in the previous ten years, and it’s this principle that will continue to drive us in the future—making tangible, positive changes in the communities we serve.

Today, we fondly look back at what we’ve been able to achieve, while eagerly looking forward to what’s next.

Scott Wylie

Scott Wylie, Chairman/CEO

Giving helps change the canvas of our community.

Ten years ago, First Western made a commitment to take a proactive role in making the communities where we live better places.

Healthy communities benefit everyone—from their residents to the entire region. In the last 10 years, we’ve been able to invest a total of $18.8 million to make a difference.

With our ConnectView philosophy, the act of giving is never static. It grows with each person it touches. One positive action in a community leads to another in a cycle of goodness that continues to change lives.

Affordable Housing Investments
$5.2 Million
Community Development
$10.3 Million
Donations and Sponsorships
$3.3 Million

The best stories leave a lasting image.

Contributed dollars and time spent volunteering can seem abstract. It’s how they come to life that provides true insight. Here are just some of the success stories we’ve been able to help write.

  • Families with children undergoing transplants need a special place to stay during treatment. In Denver, it happens at Brent’s Place. Each year, Brent’s Place provides over 5,000 nights in their apartments for no cost. By cooking meals, supporting toy drives, and helping fundraising efforts, we help Brent’s Place create a space where children can still be children, and families can still be families.
  • Our Jackson Hole associates are understandably proud to have helped create VOAD — Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. Together with Teton County and the American Red Cross, VOAD offers essential services and communication in the event of a disaster. VOAD is a proven success, so much so that it’s now being replicated across Wyoming.
  • In Arizona, the Boys and Girls Clubs provide over 65,000 free meals, and make dental and vision care available to more than 500 youth each year. Our commitment to them runs strong—through mentoring, providing athletic outlets and helping the Club’s assets grow to serve a greater number of disadvantaged children.
  • A quick 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles is a place where many experience a natural world for the very first time. With its 160 acres of garden and woodlands, Descanso Gardens brings wide-eyed wonder to 250,000 visitors each year. As trustees and stewards, we pledge to keep it a thriving urban oasis for generations to come.

The more we serve, the more colorful the result.

The simple, kind act of volunteering has the immediate power to affect lives.

It’s long been the First Western philosophy to offer our time, resources and expertise to make a difference in the communities where we live. It’s why we serve on boards. And step up for volunteer roles. We’re driven to find a way to improve the lives of others.

Here are just some of the incredible organizations where we’ve given our time over the years:

  • 100 Club of Arizona
  • Alliance for Children’s Rights
  • American Red Cross, Northern Colorado Chapter
  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • Arizona Hemophilia Association
  • Arizona State University
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters
  • Boulder Community Foundation
  • Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Brent’s Place
  • Cardiac Kids
  • Cathedral Home for Children
  • Center for Women’s Health Research
  • Central City Opera House Association
  • Central Phoenix Women’s Group
  • Childsplay
  • City of Greeley Youth Sports
  • City Wild
  • City Year
  • Colorado Concern
  • Colorado Legacy Foundation
  • Colorado Public Radio
  • Colorado Public Television
  • Colorado Succeeds
  • Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Crossroads Safehouse
  • Denver Active 20/30
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • Denver Scholarship Foundation
  • Denver Zoo
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Dumb Friends League
  • Earth Force
  • Excelsior Youth Center
  • Family Outreach
  • Fly with Amelia Foundation
  • Ft. Collins Symphony Guild
  • Ft. Collins Museum of Discovery
  • Friends of Levitt Pavilion Denver
  • Gathering Place
  • Girl Scouts of Arizona
  • Grab the Torch
  • Honor Flight
  • Judi’s House
  • Junior Achievement
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Loveland Library
  • Max Fund
  • Montessori School of Evergreen
  • Murphy Center
  • My Hero Project
  • National 4H
  • National Jewish Medical Center
  • Northern Colorado Community Foundation
  • NPH USA (Friends of the Orphans)
  • OUR Center
  • Pathways Hospice of Northern Colorado
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Playworks
  • Project CURE
  • Project Self-Sufficiency
  • Ride for Reading
  • Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association
  • Rotary International
  • Roundup River Ranch
  • St. Vrain Rotary
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Two Percent Club
  • The LIMB Preservation Foundation
  • UMOM New Day Centers
  • United Way
  • Warren Village
  • Women’s Bean Project
  • World Presidents’ Organization
  • YMCA
  • Young Presidents’ Organization

Painting a brigher future.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to give to the communities where we live and serve. And we’re excited about what the future holds. First Western’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program was established to ensure our efforts continue to align with our business, our core values, and the needs of our communities for years to come.

Whether helping develop affordable housing, investing in a social enterprise, or sharing our time with those in need, we like how the future is coming together.