Social Responsibility

Being socially responsible is not an obligation, it is part of who we are. In the past 11 years, we have invested $18.8 million in the form of donations, sponsorships, community development loans, and affordable housing investments to organizations and projects that are making a lasting difference in our communities.

First Western Trust’s associates are involved with a number of nonprofits in our communities, donating time to local organizations by serving on boards and advisory committees, as well as through direct volunteering.

In an effort to ensure our resources provide the most benefit, we focus on three philanthropic pillars that our stakeholders feel are most relevant to our business and the community at large.

Economic Development through Entrepreneurship

We recognize that the best way to help our communities prosper is to support the growth of a successful workforce and local businesses. By partnering with organizations dedicated to helping individuals build skills for the workplace and by fostering entrepreneurship, we help our communities grow stronger.

The Arts

Art awakens creativity and fresh responses to thinking, feeling, and seeing. It can serve as an outlet and as inspiration. Unfortunately, in many communities, art education and access is extremely limited. We support organizations that help both local artists and also introduce children and adults to a broader cultural experience as a way to inspire new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Women and Girls

Studies have shown that when communities put money and time into women and girls, they achieve a multiplier effect with those women reinvesting in the community that helped support them. Even in our local cities, we see disparate gender statistics that need change. By working with organizations dedicated to self-sufficiency, education, and making an impact on the lives of women and girls, we seek to make a positive impact on our communities.
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