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Headshot of Casey Knowles
Headshot of Casey Knowles

Loan Originator

As a loan originator, Casey's role is to assist the borrower in securing financing for their purchase or refinance transaction. Casey has been lending for over 18 years and has worked both retail and wholesale. He has helped clients repair their credit, helped them get into their first home and even helped them physically move into it.

NMLS ID 241590

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Tips for Borrowers

  1. Do not believe you cannot buy a home. With some guidance, a plan, and possibly a little time, almost everyone can buy a home.
  2. Get started today by getting prequalified to buy a home. The sooner you buy a home, the sooner you can take advantage of appreciation and all the other benefits of homeownership.  If there is a hurdle, we can put a plan in place to get over it.
  3. Work with a team you like. This includes accountants, lenders, Realtors, insurance agents, etc.  The right people will look out for you for years to come.  I often see people try to save a couple hundred dollars by using online services only to lose thousands later.  Don’t drop 100s to pick-up 5s.   If you need a great attorney, insurance agent or Realtor, call me.  I work with some of the best!