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Senior Loan Originator

Phil has been in his current role since 2011, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. Previously, he has worked with TCF Bank, Affiliated Financial, and WJ Bradley, but believes that what sets First Western Mortgage apart is the “business first” and “customer first” credo that is inherent in the processes. Phil works with that in mind every day to help people achieve their goals and is motivated to find the right solutions for his borrowers.

NMLS # 395715

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Tips for Borrowers

  1. Be Prepared! Just like the Boy Scouts, being prepared will make the process more enjoyable. If you have all your information to us up front you will invariably beat out someone who has not done their homework and your reward will be owning your dream home!
  2. Ask Questions. I want you to ask as many or as few questions as needed to make you 100% comfortable with your loan and the process. Everyone has a different experience level, from the person buying their “forever home” to the “first time” home buyer.  The landscape of lending is ever changing so all questions are good questions.
  3. Have fun with the process! Buying or refinancing your home is an emotional process because it means you are working towards the goals you have set out in your life. Everyone has different goals in different stages of their lives and I want to help achieve those goals so you can move on and get back to having some Colorado fun!