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First Western

Human Capital Specialist 

Samantha Adams, human capital specialist at First Western Trust, specializes in payroll, benefits, and compensation management. With over 10 years of human resource experience, Samantha provides exceptional information, knowledge and service to employees and prospects regarding human capital needs. 

Prior to joining First Western Trust, Samantha worked as a recruiter at two staffing firms in Houston, TX. Once Samantha moved to Colorado, she worked for Cherry Creek Athletic Club. Samantha was then recruited, by First Western Trust, to a specialist role for human capital in April of 2013. 

Getting to Know Samantha 

What do you like most about your job?

I’m constantly challenged with different situations, and am required to think quickly.

What do you believe is your best quality?

I truly care about people, and want them to be happy. I strive to be better for those around me, and that translates into my career seamlessly.

Do you have any accolades you’d like to share?

I took the pre-SAT when I was approximately 12 and scored in the top 98% in the math section (I really, really like math).


  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources Management from the University of Colorado.


  • Volunteered at, The Gathering Place.
  • Volunteered at, Junior Achievement.