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Loan Originator

As a Loan Originator, Vicki guides borrowers through completing a mortgage transaction. She evaluates and recommends approval of residential real estate loans based on the borrowers overall financial picture.

As a native of Colorado, Vicki has seen a lot of changes over the years; especially when it comes to our growth as a state. One could say she grew up in the real estate industry; with both parents in real estate with a focus on new home communities. Her father was a developer, builder and managing broker for 40+ years. After college, Vicki followed suit and obtained her real estate license. As the years went by, she became more intrigued with the financial side of things. That interest brought her to where she is today. Over the last several years she has helped 100’s of people finance their homes. Whether it was their first home or their forever home, she helped guide them through the ever-changing real estate market.

NMLS ID 694512

Tips for Borrowers

  1. Put the credit cards away!  Hold off on any big purchases and unnecessary expenditures when purchasing a new home.  This could be the difference in whether you get an approval on your new mortgage.
  2. Work with people you like.  You’re going to be spending your free time with us throughout the transaction, it’s important you like your Realtor and Mortgage Loan Officer.
  3. Time is of the essence.  Work with your Lender to get all the necessary documents to them as soon as possible.  Rule of 2’s: 2 years w-2, 1099 and/or k-1, 2 years tax returns, 2 months bank statement and 2 most recent paystubs.