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First Western Trust is rare among banks and trust companies in having a dedicated Philanthropic Services Director. This represents our commitment to assisting the nonprofit community. The services provided by our Philanthropic Services Director have two primary focuses.

First, we work with families who are either considering the addition of a charitable component to their family wealth plan or who have already initiated such a plan but need assistance in formulating a successful strategy. This includes adding second generation and, often, even third generation family members as valued advisors to the charitable vision of the founders. It may also involve assistance in formulating a goal or mission statement to guide the charitable enterprise. In determining the best structure for the charitable entity, we can give valuable assistance in understanding private family foundations, donor advised funds, and structured gifts. We are familiar with charitable trusts, charitable annuities, charitable life estates, and various approaches to creating a charitable donation that benefits both the donor and the charity.

Second, we work with nonprofit boards and planned giving directors to create successful strategies for developing endowments and planned gifts. This includes presentations to boards and donors on the tax benefits of various forms of planned gifts. Our services are without charge and often eliminate the cost barriers to the potential donor in seeking advice regarding the utility of a recommended charitable gift.