College graduates all wearing graduation cap

College Keeps Getting Pricier — Here’s How to Prepare

April 9, 2020

It’s no secret that college is expensive. In the 1970s, when a lot of our clients were attending school, tuition […]

How to Give Every Team Member a Tax-Free ‘Raise’

April 25, 2018

Offering Health Savings Accounts is not just a way for workers to buffer themselves from high-deductible plans; it’s also a […]

Health Savings Accounts: A Tax Trifecta Investment Opportunity

February 20, 2018

HSAs: A Tax Trifecta Investment Opportunity When it comes to fiscally frugal health insurance options, health savings accounts (HSAs) aren’t […]

Photo of Eileen Shaw

How a Health Savings Account Can Help Fund Your Retirement

July 6, 2017

First Western ERISA Consultant Eileen Baldwin-Shaw writes for MarketWatch about how to use a health savings account as part of […]