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Older couple on hill looking at the horizon

How to Start a Conversation About Estate Planning

July 2, 2020

Legacy planning is often an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it’s one of the most important conversations you’ll ever strike […]


First Western Financial, Inc. Simmons Bank Acquisition Update

June 29, 2020

DENVER, CO — First Western Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYFW), a financial services holding company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has acquired […]

Man sitting on couch writing on papers

Should You Invest in Private Equity?

June 23, 2020

When most people think of investing, they think of the stock market — buying and selling portions of publicly traded […]

family with young children

What to Do With a Large Inheritance

June 18, 2020

Inheriting a large sum of money is an unusual financial situation — you’re suddenly much wealthier than you were before, […]

business man working on computer in office

Eyes on the Horizon: Financial Planning to Maximize Your Net Worth

June 10, 2020

Everyone has goals when it comes to how they’re going to spend their day, their month, even their year. But […]


First Western Financial, Inc. to Be Added to Russell 3000 and Russell 2000 Indexes

June 8, 2020

DENVER, June 8, 2020 — First Western Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYFW), a financial services holding company headquartered in Denver, Colorado […]

Women inside sitting down looking out window

3 Steps For Millennials to Become Millionaires in 2020

June 4, 2020

The Economic State of Millennials It’s no secret that millennials are having a rough go of it financially. Between the […]

Professional business women working with computer and papers at desk

The Finances Behind Breaking Up with a Business Co-Owner

May 27, 2020

Starting a business on your own isn’t a simple proposition. Even if you know what you’re doing, the workload is […]

Business professionals in suits meeting while pointing at charts with pen

Is It Time for a Business Valuation? What You Need to Know

May 21, 2020

If you own a business, there’s a good chance that you think a business valuation is only for businesses about […]


First Western Trust Completes Acquisition of Four Simmons Bank Locations in Denver

May 18, 2020

First Western Financial, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Deposits, Loans and Other Assets of Four Simmons Bank Locations in Denver DENVER, […]