Planning with Prenuptial Agreements

August 22, 2023

A prenuptial agreement (also referred to as a “prenup” or marital agreement) is a good planning step to consider before marriage. A handful of states also allow for postnuptial agreements, which are signed after a couple is already married. Such agreements can outline what will happen to assets in the event of death or divorce; otherwise, state laws will control the distribution of property.

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Why a Prenuptial Agreement?

  • Protect a child’s inheritance or a significant gift during a child’s lifetime
  • Protect a business owner’s interests (or business partners may require)
  • One or both parties have children from a prior relationship
  • One or both parties are bringing significant assets (or debt) to the marriage
  • The parties would like to control how property is divided and distributed in the event of death or divorce and not rely on default state law – in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, a spouse generally has the right to:
    • Share ownership of assets acquired during the marriage
    • Share in the responsibility of debts incurred during the marriage
    • Inherit (all or a portion) of the deceased spouse’s estate, regardless of what their will may provide
  • Note that in some states, income from separate property, as well as the increase in the value of separate property that occurs during the marriage is considered marital property


  • Start as early as possible and execute well in advance of wedding
  • Each party should be represented by his or her own counsel
  • Both parties must knowingly and voluntarily sign the agreement
  • Be transparent about disclosing financial information and be sure to include everything
  • Must be in writing; usually must also be revoked in writing – tearing up a prenuptial agreement may not actually revoke it


  • Outline each spouse’s assets and debts and expected assets and debts
  • Provide framework for how assets and debts will be allocated
  • Some aspects may not be addressed, such as child custody and child support
  • Consider adding a sunset clause so that the agreement will become invalid if the marriage lasts a certain number of years

Incorporating Life Insurance

  • If a party does not have enough liquid assets, consider purchasing life insurance to supplement or replace assets that go to either children or the surviving spouse.
    • For example, H purchased a new home with the proceeds from the sale of H’s previous home. H wants W to have the home upon his death – he can purchase life insurance, naming his children as beneficiaries, to replace the proceeds from the sale of his previous home.
  •  Life insurance is often required to be kept in place while children are minors.

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