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Strategies to Survive the Ever-Changing Tax Environment

May 11, 2010

Since the beginning of 2010 the tax landscape has undergone significant changes for the highest tax brackets. Earlier this year, the headlines were dominated by monumental healthcare reform and the debate surrounding it, today we have a piece of legislation that transforms the financing of U.S. healthcare with the revenue generated through a new 3.8 percent Medicare surtax on unearned income of high-earning families and individuals. Moreover, lawmakers, preoccupied by healthcare reform, failed to act on the federal estate tax and generation skipping tax, which were officially repealed on January 1, 2010. Although this might at first appear to be a tax break, in reality the absence of estate tax has created numerous unintended consequences.

Strategies to Survive the Ever-Changing Tax Environment
Melissa Montgomery-Fitzsimmons, Director of Wealth Planning

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