Transitioning Your Private Banking Relationship into the Rocky Mountain Region

February 10, 2022

The Rocky Mountain Region provides diverse opportunities for high-net-worth individuals. Communities in this region, which encompasses Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, have implemented industry cluster strategies to improve the area’s economy and productivity by leveraging specific assets.

These cluster strategies have resulted in multiple market networks and the rebirth of downtowns, making the Rocky Mountains home to thriving communities that are attractive to high-net-worth individuals. A growing number of individuals have gravitated to the area for its scenic mountainous views, rustic properties, and career opportunities.

High-net-worth individuals who plan to transition to the Rocky Mountain region should expect exceptional service, local expertise, and an approach that leverages top experts.

Advantages of Partnering with a Regional Private Bank

A regional private bank lets high-net-worth individuals access specialized services, ideally from a seasoned team that understands their unique circumstances. After changing private banks and opening an account at a bank with local experts, high-net-worth individuals can register their preferences to enable time-saving and efficient long-term account management.

Deposits at most regional private banks, including First Western Trust, are protected by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance while providing the standard services of larger banking institutions.

Regional private banks can give high-net-worth individuals higher savings rates and generally charge lower fees for financial products such as checking accounts, loans, or bonds.

First Western Trust – A Leader for Private Banking in the Rocky Mountain Region

Established in 2002, First Western Trust remains a top name for exceptional private banking in the Rocky Mountains. First Western offers clients advanced integrated wealth management solutions via a private banking and trust platform. The private bank’s committed team strives to provide high-net-worth individuals with comprehensive services tailored to their unique financial needs.

Partnering with First Western Trust — the premier bank for customized banking solutions for regional communities — means access to a trusted team of local, seasoned professionals that work to tailor services and strategies to each individual client.

First Western Trust’s Private Banking Services

Clients can access First Western’s diverse banking offerings that include:

Lending Services – High-net-worth individuals seeking corporate support leverage First Western’s deep-rooted expertise with complex cash flow and business model challenges within the Rocky Mountain Region.

Depository Services – First Western Trust offers one of the best earnings credit rates in the industry to help high-net-worth individuals optimize liquidity, yield, and insurance management through a client-first approach.

Mortgage Services – High-net-worth individuals can expect some of the most competitive mortgage rates as they relocate to the Rocky Mountains, maximizing their property investments and acquisitions through highly strategic loan programs.

Personal Banking Services – First Western provides Rocky Mountain Region communities with personalized banking solutions and accessible account management through multiple communication channels. Additionally, clients may request to integrate the service with other aspects of private banking, such as risk management and insurance, for a streamlined, fuss-free approach.

Team-Oriented Financial Institution

First Western deeply understands the complex and multifaceted nature of high-net-worth account management. As such, the bank prioritizes seamless collaboration among team members to ensure that clients receive quality service and results throughout their banking experience.

Clients of First Western Trust can expect the best possible outcomes from local teams and central experts who go the extra mile in delivering customized banking solutions. These include reliable management of assets, liabilities, families, businesses, and long-term goals by highly qualified individuals with relevant expertise.

Respectful, Collaborative Strategies

The seasoned team at First Western respects each stakeholder’s unique perspectives and concerns. First Western customizes wealth management and private banking solutions based on in-depth discussions with genuine respect for each stakeholder’s heartfelt contribution. After changing private banks, clients can expect effectively thought-out services delivered in their best interest.

Adaptive, Entrepreneurial Approach

First Western Trust believes in the continuous research and advancement of private banking processes, products, and services within the Rocky Mountain Region. The team strives to inform high-net-worth individuals about the latest financial opportunities in the area to optimize their investment portfolios and savings.

A Trusted Name

Communities in the Rocky Mountain Region turn to First Western Trust as a reliable partner for their private banking arrangements. Clients come to trust First Western’s multidisciplinary team that consistently delivers personalized services with the sophistication of a large-scale financial institution.

Going the Extra Mile in Private Banking

Aside from its commitment to providing quality private banking in the Rocky Mountains, First Western offers premium wealth management services through its exclusive ConnectView® approach. ConnectView® provides clients with a holistic view of their finances and a thorough breakdown of their wealth elements.

First Western’s specialized team oversees the process by dividing the account management of high-net-worth individuals into four quadrants: financial, experiential, relational, and legacy wealth. The quadrants help clients bridge the connection between each investment type to achieve their most challenging financial goals.

Investments: Not FDIC Insured, No Bank Guarantee, May Lose Value

Connect with First Western Trust when transitioning your bank in the Rocky Mountain Region, and start taking your finances to the next level!


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