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#WealthIsAbout Investing in the Community

June 28, 2016

At First Western Trust, we recognize that wealth is about so much more than money. Wealth is about relationships, experiences, and values. At our company, one of the values closest to our heart is giving back through philanthropy.

To strengthen the places where we live and work, we launched First Western Trust’s #WealthIsAbout grants contest.

The contest will give $7,000 to a local nonprofit in each of the markets we serve. Currently, our program is running in Aspen and Jackson Hole, with our Boulder, Denver, LA, Northern Colorado, and Phoenix contests launching later this year.

The #WealthIsAbout grants contest will benefit a nonprofit supporting our local communities through one of First Western’s three pillars of philanthropy:

  • We believe the best way to help our communities prosper is to support Economic Development. We partner with organizations dedicated to entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and those that help individuals build skills for the workplace.
  • We believe The Arts awaken creativity and inspire new ways of thinking, feeling, and seeing the world. We support nonprofits that introduce children and adults to broader cultural experiences, such as performing arts, fine art, and literature.
  • We believe that when you support Women & Girls, you achieve a multiplier effect, where those women reinvest in the communities that support them. We partner with organizations dedicated to self-sufficiency, education, empowerment, and making a positive impact on the lives of women and girls.

In our Aspen #WealthIsAbout grants contest, we have 23 great organizations eligible to receive a $7,000 donation from our company, and we have also just opened up voting for our Jackson Hole contest with 21 local nonprofits represented.

If you want to stay informed about our current contests or check in on our future contests, we encourage you to visit our website at www.myfw.com/wealthisabout, or follow First Western Trust on Twitter, Facebook , or LinkedIn for regular updates.

If you feel inspired, we also invite you to participate in the conversation by using our #WealthIsAbout hashtag on social media to share what wealth means to you.

We hope that you will participate in the process and show our communities that #WealthIsAbout giving back!



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