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What Sets First Western Trust Private Banking Apart

October 18, 2020

You already know that a private bank offers better, more personalized service than simply walking into any retail bank chain off the street, but you should also know that not all private banking institutions are created equal. You deserve a bank that knows your finances, your goals, your values, and your needs — and that’s First Western Trust. Here’s what makes us different.

A Holistic Approach to Wealth

At First Western Trust, we know that your wealth is not only about the number at the bottom of your balance sheet — that’s just financial wealth. While it’s important, it serves to support the other elements of your wealth:

  • Relational wealth is all about the people you’re connected to — your family, colleagues, network, community, and beyond. Your wealth allows you to support the people and causes you care about, creating the world you want to live in.
  • Experiential wealth is all about living the life that’s right for you, relating to the experiences and adventures that add richness to your life. Whether you want to travel, buy a second home, take up a new hobby, or whatever else you’re passionate about, proper wealth planning can help you get there.
  • Legacy wealth is all about what you leave behind. We’re committed to helping you create the legacy you want to establish, for your family, your business, your philanthropic interests, or your community at large.

We’ll take a detailed look at every aspect of your financial world — your assets, your liabilities, and the money you have coming in and out. We’ll also examine your goals, values, and priorities to come up with a plan that’s custom-made to meet your goals.

No Cookie-Cutter Answers

Some big banks don’t have time to examine every detail of your finances, so they put you in a box based on a few broad criteria: income level, age, location, net worth, and such. This works well for the business side of things, but it doesn’t make the client feel appreciated or understood.

At First Western Trust, we don’t have boxes to put you in. Every financial plan is created from scratch, designed just for you for your unique situation and goals. Whether your priority is to retire in comfort, support your business, or give to charity, we’ll come up with a goal that helps you get there.

Experienced Professionals

Some banks will give you a single advisor to be your liaison for all your banking needs. This works well when it comes to personal treatment, but there’s a downside: one person can’t possibly be an expert in everything you need, so you’re bound to get inadequate or simplistic advice in some areas.

At First Western Trust, we bring together a specific team with many different areas of expertise to make sure that you’re getting the best possible financial advice in any area you might be curious about — trusts, investing, estate planning, philanthropy, and whatever else it might be. No matter your question, you can be sure that you’re speaking to someone who knows their stuff.

High Levels of Sophistication, Personalized Boutique Services

We have the resources of larger institutions, so no matter the scale of your finances or your goals, you can be sure that First Western Trust won’t hold you back. But there’s more to a comprehensive financial plan than just large-scale resources like the stock market — you’ll need to think local, too.

Since First Western Trust has been immersed in local communities all over the western US, we know the details and idiosyncrasies of the local markets. We know the financial regulations and tax rates of every state and municipality where you might be living or running a business, and we know the best ways for you to maximize your wealth and help your community.

Talk to First Western Trust

If you’re looking for financial and wealth planning that’s tailored for your unique goals and priorities, talk to First Western Trust. With the knowledge of a larger bank and the dedicated attention of a local business, we can craft a financial strategy that’s specifically designed with you in mind. If you’re ready to optimize a custom wealth planning strategy, schedule an appointment with an expert today.

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