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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Offered by First Western Trust

Maximize Your Earnings with FWT’s Competitive CD Rate Special

For a limited time, First Western Trust is offering exclusive interest rates on Certificates of Deposit (CDs), one with a term of 7 months and 4.75% interest rate and 4.86% APY and another with a 13-month term, 5.00% interest rate, and 5.13% APY. Only available on new money to the bank with an opening and minimum balance to earn interest of at least $50,000. 

This offer and interest rate is subject to change at any time, without notice. Annual percentage Yield (APY) assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for the term of the certificate. Early withdrawal penalties may be imposed. The advertised interest rate and APY is applicable to the initial CD term only. At maturity, the 7-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD) will automatically renew into a 6-Month CD at the interest rate and APY in effect as of the date of maturity.

Benefits of CDs at First Western Trust

FDIC Insurance

Get the peace of mind knowing your money is protected and secure.

Stable Returns

Know your money will grow at a stable rate with little ongoing management.

Low Risk

Enjoy the benefits of a low-risk investment that grows independent of the market volatility.

Competitive Rates

Grow your finances and reach your goals with our competitive rates.

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