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A Connected View®

A comprehensive approach to wealth management that is centered around you.

A Holistic Way to Bank

Our ConnectView® Approach

We believe that wealth is about more than your balance sheet and investment portfolio. We believe that wealth is made up of many elements, each as unique as our clients, and that each element is connected. When one aspect changes, it impacts the others. With this in mind, we have developed a proprietary approach to managing your wealth — ConnectView®. Our approach takes a holistic view of your unique situation across four quadrants: Financial, Experiential, Relational and Legacy Wealth.

Each aspect is important to the overall story of your wealth and acknowledges a guiding truth: each and every investment, real estate holding, trust, or philanthropic endeavor connects.

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Financial Wealth

Financial wealth is the engine that fuels the other three quadrants, and our experts help you grow your financial wealth through purposeful investment and risk management strategies. We work to build and manage strong investments which also align with the individual interests, and values of each of our clients.

Driven by the freedom created by a strong foundation of financial wealth, our clients are able to prioritize and focus on Experiential, Relational, and Legacy Wealth. Each of these aspects is distinct and contributes to an overall high quality of life and enduring legacy.

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Relational Wealth

Relational Wealth involves those you are connected with — your family, colleagues, network, community, and more. It’s the connection you have between the personal and professional aspects of your life, and the plan used to ensure ongoing safety and success in both areas.

The connection between personal and professional

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Experiential Wealth

Experiential Wealth relates to those adventures, experiences, and activities that enhance your quality of life and add joy. Focusing on this dimension helps you to optimize your lifestyle in line with your underlying financial plan, further enhance your relationships and prepare future generations, and develop a long term mission statement related to your wealth.

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Legacy Wealth

Legacy Wealth is an equally important — and often overlooked — aspect of a complete picture of your wealth. At First Western, we are committed to helping clients conceptualize the enduring legacy they wish to establish. Focusing on this dimension ensures each of our clients family and community understand their vision and goals as a component of their overall wealth story.

A complete picture of your wealth

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We believe that each financial situation is unique and deserves a customized plan, and we work to form close relationships with our clients through our unique team-based approach. Our unique approach, when combined with our full suite of services, allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions in Wealth Planning, Trust and Estates, Investment Management, Private Banking, Risk Management/Insurance, and Mortgage Services.

In addition, for your business needs, we offer Commercial Banking solutions for clients seeking Lending, Deposit, Treasury Management, Employee Benefits & Retirement Consulting, Health Savings Account Advisory, and Nonprofit Banking related services.

Private Banking

We understand that our clients need banking solutions which are as unique as they are. Our experienced team can help you design a plan to meet your specific banking needs through services which include Lending and Depository solutions, Risk Management/Insurance, Mortgage, and Philanthropic Services. Our team, not just one person, works for your benefit so that you gain access to the best financial planning minds in the business.

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Commercial Banking

Whether you need to secure capital to grow your business or are setting up 401(k) plans for your employees, sophisticated banking solutions are an integral part of running your business. Managing the complexities of a company is an ongoing process of ensuring all stakeholders – clients, associates, and investors alike – are always well taken care of, and First Western can help through our services in Commercial Lending, Depository Services, Treasury Management, Employee Benefits & Retirement Consulting, and Health Savings Account Services.

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