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Earnings Credit Rate (ECR)

Offered by First Western Trust

Maximize Your Efficiency with FWT's Earnings Credit Rate

For a limited time, First Western Trust is offering an exclusive earnings credit rate of 3.00%. This promotion will be valid for 12 months from the date of opening a commercial checking account.

This offer and interest rate is subject to change at any time, without notice. This ECR rate is only valid until December 29th, 2023 and for new deposit accounts. 

What is An Earnings Credit Rate?

Unlike traditional interest rates in savings or investment accounts, an Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) offers businesses compensation based on their average collected balances. This compensation is not for the wealth accumulation but to offset treasury management services fees. ECRs allow businesses to strategically minimize banking fees by using credits earned from their balances to “pay” for essential services, aligning with their specific financial needs and service usage. This innovative approach optimizes financial operations and reduces banking costs.

How Does an Earnings Credit Rate Work?

Average Collected Balances: The ECR is calculated based on the average collected balances in eligible business checking accounts.

Earnings Credit: First Western Trust will apply a 3.00% earnings credit to the average collected balances under the business’ account analysis, resulting in earnings credits. These credits are not cash but rather a value that can be used to offset fees.

Fee Offset: Earnings credits can be applied to offset or entirely cover the fees associated with Treasury Management services. If the earnings credits exceed the fees, clients can take advantage of our Cash Manager account services.

New Benefits: As businesses accumulate more earnings credits, they can qualify for additional banking benefits, such as First Western Trust’s Cash Manager.

Benefits of Earnings Credit Rate

Reduced Fees

ECR credits help reduce or eliminate fees for treasury services, which can result in significant cost savings.

Effective Banking

Earning credits based on average balances collected helps businesses predict and control banking expenses.

Increased Liquidity

Utilizing ECR helps businesses maintain cash liquidity by using earnings credits to cover costs, preserving funds for investments or operations.

Streamlined Management

ECR simplifies account management by consolidating services with one institution, streamlining financial operations under an analyzed structure.

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