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Commercial Banking Depository Services

Tailored depository service strategies to ensure your collections and disbursement services work seamlessly with your corporate checking and banking accounts.

At First Western Trust, our team is committed to identifying the right depository services to meet your company’s needs for liquidity, yield, and insurance. We have the experience and flexibility to deal with any depository services your business requires. That’s why you don’t see any pre-designed business checking services listed on our website.

We recognize that your organization is unique, so it does not make sense to take a one-size-fits-all approach to your business checking accounts. When we build a corporate checking solution, our first step is to sit down with you, your CFO, and any other key team members to learn about your company’s current processes and challenges, identify where your business is today, and understand where you want to be tomorrow.

Then, in partnership with our Treasury Management team, we create a tailored depository services strategy to ensure that your collections and disbursement services work seamlessly with your business checking and banking accounts. With your banking operations running efficiently, you can focus on what really matters: taking care of your clients, supporting your employees, and growing your company.

More than Business Checking Services

What truly separates First Western Trust and our corporate checking services is our commitment to exceptional client service. When you work with our private bank, you benefit from a unique client experience.

Depository Services

At First Western Trust, we have one of the best earnings credit rates in the market as well as the services you should expect from a business banking partner:

  • Corporate checking accounts
  • Money market accounts
  • Business credit cards and procurement cards
  • Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Online and mobile banking
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Client-Focused Corporate Checking Services

While many banks treat their business checking services as just a series of transactions, we take a relationship-based approach to depository services. Our teams don’t use 1-800 numbers, and you will not find teller lines in our offices. Instead, you have a local relationship manager who provides you with their direct line and email and is available to assist you with all of your banking and wealth management needs — whether you are only using our business checking accounts or you have a full suite of services with us.

At First Western Trust, our associates know our clients by name and take a personal interest in their stories. We are committed to bringing a client-focused approach to banking where our clients’ needs come first, and we will never recommend a product or service that does not help you achieve your larger goals. That is all part of our private banking difference.

Our Holistic Approach to Business Banking

By choosing First Western Trust as your corporate checking and banking partner, you also gain access to all of our subject matter experts. We understand that, for business owners, your financials are not neatly separated between your business and personal needs. Often, your finances are intertwined. That is why you need a partner who can support you in all aspects of your financial world.

Through our ConnectView approach, we take the time to understand your unique goals for each dimension of your wealth. Our teams work with you to understand what you want to accomplish for your business, your family, and yourself. Then, our experts in retirement consulting, commercial lending, corporate checking, wealth planning, investment management, and private banking build a holistic plan that helps you achieve these goals. By looking at your corporate checking and banking needs from a broader perspective, we create tailored solutions that help you and your company be successful today and in the future.

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What Clients Say about Our Business Depository Solutions

”The staff at FW is extremely responsive. Such a nice change from ‘commercial’ banks!” – Mauri C.

To reach our team and learn how we can assist with your business banking needs, fill out the form below.